About Nancy Coen

Nancy Coen is an anointed woman of God, who has served the Lord in over 140 nations of the world. Her ministry has extended beyond the four walls of the church, to touch the lives of bankers, billionaires, and businessmen, and government officials, as well as the poor and poverty stricken. She has ministered to the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich, being “no respecter of persons”.

She has raised corporate ascension groups in over 30 nations, to do the business of mandating and legislating from the heavenly realms to produce changes in the earth. Many of these groups have already been functioning for 17-20 years and have seen massive changes as a result of initiating prayer from divine positioning.

Starting April 2017 the Lord said to Nancy, “It’s time to start Global Ascension Network” And the word of the Lord was –  network, the networks, so that My net works.

About Shannon & James Bates

Shannon and James Bates live in a small mountain town amongst the Rockies in Colorado. They have 10 children and 4 lovely grandchildren. Family is everything to them and defines who they are. With 5 children at home still and a 24/7 open-door policy, they have a big family table. Now with Global Sons, they are creating a family for the entire world, through the Father’s Heart.

In 2017 Yahweh spoke clearly to Shannon, James, and Nancy that now is the time to launch Global Ascension Network. It quickly grew, with Shannon and James running the ministry from its headquarters in Woodland Park, Colorado. In 2019 Yahweh pressed it upon Nancy and Shannon to change the name from Global Ascension Network to Global Sons. The ministry was handed over to Shannon and James as it expanded into the next age. You can find Shannon in her office conducting the behind-the-scenes of Global Sons, or traveling the globe with Nancy helping to equip the body to “Come Up” and transfigure us into who we are.

The Working of Global Sons

For the last 4 to 5 years Nancy and Shannon have been gathering people from around the earth to join Global Ascension groups. These groups participate in a weekly corporate ascension. Many of the groups are multinational, with some groups having up to 10 nationalities meeting together weekly.

The groups stay small and intimate with 18 or under participants. We have numerous testimonies of partners that have joined Global Sons having confessed and believing with all of their hearts that they have changed more in the last few years than they have in their whole walk with the Lord.

Following the Lord’s call on Global Ascension Network, we developed into Global Sons. We are building a family of believers over the earth, uniting together with one purpose, maturing people into sonship.

For when you’re standing face to face with Yeshua, and you’re looking into His eyes, and you’re feeling His breath upon your cheek, you’re listening to His whispers in your ear, it shifts and changes and rearranges everything about you, including your level of functionality.

The more that you ascend and descend from the heavenly realms, the greater the measure of rule you will gain.



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