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You are PARTNERING with us! As we, the people of the nations, join together to follow the pattern that Yeshua set before us, we want to equip the Sons to walk out their Sonship. When you partner with us you will have access to: 
  • INSTANT access to over 65 specials/ teachings
  • Special Access to Conference Content
  • One LIVE webinar per month with Q & A
  • Weekly Live Meditation and Access to all past recordings.
  • Ability to Join an Ascension Group- After application is received and a group becomes available you can be part of a weekly ascension. Groups will meet weekly. There will be 18-20 people in each group. The group will meet at the same time every week.
We work with the Father to establish Yahweh's work on earth, walking arm in arm, because we are walking this out together. Come Partner with us!

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