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Every member should be hearing this teaching, so we made it accessible for all partners!

Nancy Coen teaches about the Order of Melchizedek, sharing how she came into the Priesthood of Melchizedek and she unveils who Melchizedek is.  

Look out for “The Order of Melchizedek” series free to all partners!

Global Sons is being raised to provide opportunities for anyone who is “called” to be activated and empowered to operate with other people around the globe to effectively bring the Kingdom of God down from the heavens to manifest in the earth realm.

To find out more about Ascension, go to our ASCENSION GROUP Page.

If you would like to join an online ascension group, please fill out the ‘Application to Participate in an Ascension Group’ below. You will need to give your name, email address, address, and telephone number, and a brief explanation of your ascension experience if you have already participated in Corporate Ascension.

Once we review your application, you will be contacted about being added to one of our ascension groups. 

Visit: Ascension Group Application

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access all the teachings.

Under the ‘Teaching’ Tab on the homepage of the website, we created a ‘Search bar’ to search for all teachings. You can search for the Title or key elements from each teaching to narrow down your search.

Throughout the year we as a family and partnership come together for conferences and small meetings. To see upcoming in-person and online events see the ‘Events’ page.

Please double-check your information under ‘Account’ your email account spam folder, Or send us a question to [email protected].

Under your “My Account” page there is a section called “Payment Methods”, or click this link when you are logged in.

You can reset your password or give us a call and we can do it for you:)

Visit your order under “My Account” page when you are logged in. If you cannot locate it, please call or email us, we are happy to help:)

You are PARTNERING with us! As we, the people of the nations, join together to follow the pattern that Jesus set before us, we want to equip the Sons to walk out their Sonship. When you partner with us you will have access to: 

  • INSTANT access to over 65 specials/ teachings
  • Special Access to Conference Content
  • One LIVE webinar per month with Q & A
  • Weekly Live Meditation and Access to all past recordings.
  • Ability to Join an Ascension Group- After application is received and a group becomes available you can be part of a weekly ascension. Groups will meet weekly. There will be 18-20 people in each group. The group will meet at the same time every week.

We work with the Father to establish God’s work on earth, walking arm in arm, because we are walking this out together. Click here to come Partner with us!

Ask us anything about Ascension, coming up events or your account.
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Thanks for interest in submitting your questions! We know that if you have a question, that many others have the same one! We encourage you to ask so all will be blessed. Look forward to your answer in future webinars & other content we create. 

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