Letter From Nancy Coen

Letter From Nancy Coen

Dear Partners, Friends and Family

I want to share with you how the Lord has worked in me to establish Global Sons. He has placed a mandate on my heart. Wherever I go, I train people to come up into the heavens to stand face to face with Him, to receive divine downloads of wisdom, knowledge, understanding that can only come directly from Him and from the 7 Spirits before the throne.

In 1997 I was in an ascension with the Lord, and I was caught up into heaven into a beautiful, huge auditorium building. Outside of this building we’re standing two 10-story-high angels, and they opened a door. On the covering of the door were the pictures of 2 warring lions with their hands up in a warring position. As the angels pulled on the hands and opened the door, I stepped into what appeared to be a huge auditorium. Under my feet was a rice paper scroll that was rolled out and I was invited by the angels to step out onto the scroll.

When I stepped out, under my feet there would be gold letters that appeared to be running from left to right. At that time I didn’t realize it was the Hebrew letters, but as I would lay down my feet on each of these letters they began to be sucked up into my body, and they actually became a part of me.

One of those was a letter whose interpretation, one amongst many, is; the present imperative command to “Come up here and see.”

As I was walking down this long scroll and down towards the front, on a stage there was a blinking light, and this light was very, very dim; like it was breathing. As I continued my journey down to the front, I saw that it was Yeshua and He was sitting on the stage, and He had His head resting on his hand, His elbow resting on His knee, kind of in the form of the fashion of the sculpture well known as “The Thinker.”

I got closer and I saw that He was actually weeping tears of gold.

I was so stunned because I’ve only known Him in the fullness of His radiant, blinding blue, white light, and to see Him in the middle of this pulsating light that seemed dim to me was a new experience. So I looked up to Him, and I said; “Lord, what is this place?”

And He looked at me, and with all solemnity, He said, “This is the place of My loneliness.”

And I looked at Him, and I said, “Lord, You’re King of kings, Lord of lords. The whole universe belongs to You and responds to You. How is it even conceivably possible that You would have a place called the Place of Your loneliness?”

And as He looked up, these tears of gold began to drip down His face, and He said, “I’m lonely because My bride never comes here.”

When He said that I felt an arrow pierce my heart, and I thought to myself, “Lord, I cannot believe that the King of Kings would be lonely for His bride to come here.” So I looked at Him and responded with weeping and tears; “Okay, Lord, I will spend the rest of my life bringing people into the heavens to fill the place of Your loneliness, that You’ll be no longer lonely.”

Today, I can truly say He is no longer in a place where His light is pulsating dimly. In fact, even on that day when I agreed to spend the rest of my life bringing people into the heavenly realms, He jumped off of that platform, grabbed me and began to dance me around this huge auditorium. When the divine dance was done, He looked into my eyes and began to weep again and with all Tenderness, He whispered “FINALLY!”

He is so thankful for each and every one of you, and your participation in coming to relieve Him from the place of His loneliness, knowing that His people would come into that place specifically to bring joy to his heart.

We love you, and we’re thankful for your participation in Global Sons.

And we look forward to a long, long, long, and enduring relationship with you as we tap in together to the sovereign will, the divine purposes, the divine alignment that is predestined, and for ordained by God Almighty for each and every one of us.

Thank you so much for being a partner with us.

We love you, and we feel like we’re already looking forward to a long relationship.

God bless you all, and have a great day

Nancy Coen



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