Christopher Carter:
In the Fullness of Life

To our Global Family 

Many of us learned how to “Discover the Heavens” through a man called Christopher Carter.  He freed  our “imaginations” from the confines of “Religious Piety”, and set us free to “Open the Eyes of our Hearts” to see Yeshua in the very room where we gathered together with that very intent. 

He was one of the most amazing men we have ever met, and the whole earth will feel the loss of his presence.  The heavens, however, will be rejoicing, as he transitions from the earth to the very home in heaven that he measured out  in great detail and which he spent so much time in.  Yeshua told him personally that the two of them could meet in the Garden as often as Christopher chose to, and  don’t you know they are meeting there today and experiencing  the “JOY” of their eternal Union together.

His love for Yeshua was exemplary, and his ability to lead others into the enjoyment of exploring the Mazzaroth was totally AMAZING.  His book on “The Cosmic Clock” shifted us all into the understanding of the Times and Season of our Sovereign Lord.  His most recent book titled “The Cosmic Journey” was an example of his love for the Cosmos , as well as All of Creation, and today he is enjoying it at the MAX !!

There are things we don’t know or understand.  Many of you have spent endless hours praying, as we all have, for him not to be taken away;  and yet, now that he is gone. We feel like our prayers the other night that we did for 26 hrs gave him enough breath to share his heart with his children. He had the breath he needed to share what he wanted for their lives. While it is very difficult for us all to be without our friend. Yahweh and Christopher had an agreement. This we know. We didn’t have the details of it  completely. Christopher told me they did. He stepped into limitlessness fully. 

 We like to think of him up there sailing his ship across the sky with Brenadin, and working alongside Marshal to cause  the lightning and storms to refresh the earth.  If you have enjoyed many of his adventures in the heavens you will know exactly what we are talking about. His prayer for us is to continue our journey and from time to time he will show up. With a quirky sense of humor and his simple way of loving us well.  We know his life and love aren’t over. It is just beginning. What a gift we all have in him and his family.  

While we will all miss him, Let’s take a moment to rejoice in all the revelations he left us with, and be thankful for the impartation that he left behind in us all.  Let’s continue to lift up his precious family, and if you desire to remember him you can give generously by going onto  He would far rather us support his family than to give flowers.

Wednesday, June 21,2023 was a intimate private ceremony, honoring Christopher as he was laid him to rest at a beautiful nature preserve. We all knew how much he loved and honored nature. 

There will be a celebration of life open to everyone on July 15 details will be released soon.

We end this by saying: “Farewell Christopher, and enjoy that continuation of your exciting and never-ending journey into the heavens.”

With Everlasting Love,

Nancy Coen and Shannon & James Bates

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