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End of Year – December 21st, 2023 

It is such an honor and pleasure to be writing to all of you! 

Christmas and the New Year are upon us. I don’t know about you, but here in Global Sons land, up in the Rockies, the year flew past us, with many up’s and downs. As 2023 draws to an end, it is so good to take time and sit and reflect over your life this past year. 

What has your Father in Heaven been speaking to you about? Was there a theme throughout the year? Has Ruach brought you further into the Kingdom within? Do you hear your lover’s voice, Yeshua’s voice, in a more personal way that is only meant for you?

Advent Blessing

It is the season to be still and quiet, just as the earth is doing. Just like Christopher Carter, Our heaven and cosmos adventurer taught us. He said this is the time of year that humanity shows its best and worst sides. This was his favorite time of year, and he spoke about it brilliantly in his advent blessing from last year. In it, he lays out the heart of heaven in such a beautiful, simple, but profound deep way, as only Christopher can do. We would love for you to listen to his blessing. 

We love you Christopher, our star and heaven traveler!

Traveling in 2023

Global Sons is known for all it’s traveling, but 2023 was a year of complete travel for the mother daughter duo.


They made waves all over the globe from Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Joyfest in Wales to South Korea. Nancy and Shannon brought message of radical intimacy and mature sonship all over the world to all of HIS precious saints. They have countless testimonies on how Yahweh moved across the earth.


We love hearing all of their stories when they get back in the office after each trip.

But what about you? As our partners we wanna hear your stories and testimonies as well! Each of us this year has been taken to a new level in HIM. WE don’t take your process lightly, we would love to hear about your walk with THEM from this last year. Please submit your 2023 testimonies here, so we can celebrate YOU!!.

Coming up in 2024

As we close the door on 2023 and step into the new of 2024 what is in store for Our Family? 

Calling all men!!  

We are singling you out men, you can’t hide anymore 😉  For the first time ever, we are having a men’s only webinar, hosted by James Bates, Mark Wilburn, and Justin Watt.

This is going to be such a special time of fellowship and impartation and teaching. 

Come join us for Passover! 

We are meeting together at Cedar Creek with Dr Yana Sander and Darla Fields hosting us. With special guest Elisabeth Cooper leading the Worship.

We will be feasting together in the season of Passing over. 

We have 2 Israel trips in 2024!

Theres limited space available. The trips are lead by Dr. Yana Sanders & Darla Fields with Nancy Coen, Shannon Bates, James Bates & Elisabeth Cooper. 

Travel with us through Israel like only Global Sons does.

Christmas is so special to us because of Yeshua, because of what He did for us, for you! It truly is a magical time where a KING comes to a new world, a new life, as a child, and learns that is HE IS A KING from another world. It is cinematic at its core. Yeshua’s life is what all great stories are made of.  And why did HE come? I know the bible says to destroy the works of the devil, but I believe it is more than that. MORE PASSIONATE and romantic then just dealing with the devil. It is personal for Him. 


Yeshua, the King of Kings came to rescue YOU!! Because of HIS GREAT PASSION for you, because HE can not live without you!! I believe this is what we are celebrating at Christmas. The beginning of your HERO’S story!


It is our honor to be a part of your story! We love each of you so much, and have 

High hopes for the new year we are stepping into. 


From The Global Sons Office, 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

 Love, Shannon, James, Nancy, Albe, Brett and Amy!

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