Mikvah & More Teaching

Shalom Everyone,

Here is an overview for Mikvahs for those who are preparing for our life-changing PESACH/ Passover Conference.
Most importantly, we want each of you to know how honored we are to be celebrating this very significant Feast with you.

Passover is all about overcoming every “Pharoah”in our lives; emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We are going to have a dynamic celebration and I know each of you are preparing for this event!

Here are the basics for your Mikvah:

  1. If you are with us in person we will meet Thursday, April 14th at 12:30 at the pool at the Legacy hotel for a brief conversation. PLEASE BE ON TIME! We only have the pool area for our group until 3pm. Please leave your towels in your rooms. We will provide towels poolside.
  2. In-Person Sign Up for Your Mikvah Here:
    (So we know how many to accommodate for. Livestreamers do not need to fill this form out but are encouraged to participate.)
  3. You will be making 3 statements:  A) Renewing of your vows to Yeshua as Savior/Lord.  B) You will make a statement/blessing/ request concerning your relationship with someone you are in Covenant with.  C) You will make one personal request.
  4. After each statement/ vow- you will immerse in water.  We will demonstrate this for you in our meeting that day.  The immersing is done in the presence of 2 witnesses who are there to affirm and support your decision to prepare for this life changing event as we celebrate the Feast of Pesach together.
  5. For our amazing Livestreamers – you may take your Mikva alone or with someone whom you are comfortable with.  You may take a Mikvah in any kind of water including a shower or bathtub. It is best to completely submerge yourself but if this is not possible or uncomfortable then please do what is best for you.  The LORD sees your beautiful hearts and we do not want to be religious about this ceremony. The Holy Spirit leads us and guides us – so be FREE to follow HIs loving instructions.

I hope this is helpful and once again- we are so looking forward to seeing each of you face to face and celebrating Yeshua and His Healing love together at Pesach!

Love to all- Dr. Yana

Monthly Webinar w/ Mikvah Teaching: Hosted by Nancy Coen & Shannon Bates, with special Guests Darla Fields and Dr. Yana Sanders. Release date: March 5th, 2022



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