Passover Seder 2022

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We are so excited to announce the 2022 Passover/ Seder / Mikvah. We are going to have an interactive journey together.

The Mikvah will take place on Thursday, April 14th 1pm – 3pm at the Legacy Center and at your Livestream location.

Passover is a Feast that reflects “as it is in heaven so is it on earth.”  A season of “new beginnings” in which the “old” has passed away and all things become new.  We focus on partaking of HIS body & blood which brings our body into the present moment and alignment with our true self.  This is when we become aware of who we are and better understand our purpose as THE ONE NEW MAN.

Passover Seder 2022 Celebration
April 14-16, 2022

Speakers: Darla Fields, Dr. Yana Sanders & Nancy Coen
Worship: Elisabeth Cooper & Kerah Riel

2022 Mikvah / Passover / Seder Tentative Schedule

Thursday, April 14th

1pm – 3pm Mikvahs (Legacy pool) see video/teaching to come.
5:30pm – Registration Opens
6:30pm – Opening Session at The Wall

Friday, April 15th

10 am Teaching session 1 & 2
12:30 Lunch Break (on your own)
3:00pm – Interactive Passover Begins at the Wall
– Exodus Journey to Torah Scroll
– Two Beits Become One
– Teaching
-Seder Dinner( Passover)

Saturday, April 16th

10am Teaching Session 4
– 12:30 Lunch Break (on your own)
-2:30pm Teaching Session
5 pm Dinner Break (on your own)
-7:00pm – Session

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