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Global Sons / Tree of Life “Building As-ONE Fund”

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Global Sons / Tree of Life “Building As-ONE Fund”

Dear Loved Ones,
As we are blessed beyond measure with the divine alignment of this empirically important location upgrade for both Global Sons/Global Ascension Network & Tree of Life Wellness Center to be brought under ONE roof, we wanted to invite you to join in the blessing as we get this blessing established as the Lord intends.
As we give with abundance to make the network as affordable as possible, this leaves the network in a position to not fund expansion on its own (by divine design). We are finding a great opportunity for you to come alongside us-as-one, to give/trade into this move the Lord has ordained.
Want to see the new building?:)

Watch the video above to get all the details:)

Much Love, Many Blessings!!

In Him,
Shannon Bates, CO-Founder
Global Sons Free Church
Global Ascension Network

The KINGDOM Is The REAL world.

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